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Basic Guidelines On Vital Issues In Small Business Loan Programs

SGOCO GROUP, LTD. AND SUBSIDIARIES CONDENSED CONSOLIDATED STATEMENTS OF SHAREHOLDERS’ EQUITY (In thousands of U.S. SGOCO GROUP, LTD. AND SUBSIDIARIES CONDENSED CONSOLIDATED STATEMENTS OF CASH FLOWS FOR THE SIX MONTHS ENDED JUNE 30, 2016 AND 2015 (Unaudited) (In thousands of U.S. dollars) 2016 CASH FLOWS FROM OPERATING ACTIVITIES: Net loss Adjustments to reconcile net loss to cash provided by (used in) operating activities: Transaction cost from issue of convertible notes 44 Change in fair value of warrant derivative liability – Loss on change in fair value of convertible notes 1,500 Other payables and accrued liabilities 63 Net cash provided by (used in) operating activities (360) CASH FLOWS FROM INVESTING ACTIVITIES: Proceedsfromacquisitionofa subsidiary,netofcashacquiredof$1 1 Proceedsfromdisposalofsubsidiaries,netofcashdisposedof$25 – Net cash provided by investing activities 1 CASH FLOWS FROM FINANCING ACTIVITIES: Proceeds from shareholder loan Net cash provided by (used in) financing activities 230 EFFECT OF EXCHANGE RATE ON CASH (1) SUPPLEMENTAL DISCLOSURE OF NON-CASH INVESTING AND FINANCING ACTIVITIES INFORMATION Receivable from convertible note holders under promissory notes – Common stock issued on conversion of convertible notes 3,674 Common stock issued for acquisition of a subsidiary 4,080 SGOCO GROUP, LTD AND SUBSIDIARIES NOTES TO THE UNAUDITED INTERIM CONDENSED CONSOLIDATED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS (In thousands of U.S. dollars, except for shares and per share data) Note 1 – Organization and description of business SGOCO Group, Ltd., formerly known as Hambrecht Asia Acquisition Corp.

The.ajor drawback is the ability for a business to accumulate debt. The SBA cannot authorize the use of copyrighted materials contained in linked websites. These member-contributed resources and user profiles are moderated by the SBA team, which includes employees and contractors of the U.S. Your privacy and security are always protected, and we’ll provide expert guidance. The privacy of users and members of is very important, and we encourage you to read the SBA Privacy Policy . This is an important question and you may be asking what a FCC is? how to apply small business loan Unsecured business loans and unsecured business funding can be powerful tools to help you start, build, or grow your business. Be sure to fully understand unsecured loans before you move forward.

They will discuss with you all your small business lending and financing options and will be there for you for the life of your company. We specialize in working with start up business owners and newly established small business owners who need a No Doc loans to qualify. If your unsecured business funding comes with a FCC lien then do you think there’s anything unsecured about that? Also, rates can easily be over 10 percent on an unsecured loan. Comments on biog posts should be descriptive, succinct, and relevant to the discussion. If you’re reading this I’m probably preaching to the choir but are you familiar with the Bank of America statistics about their SBA loans for the highly popular 7a program?